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Cloud Services provide information technology as a service over the Internet or dedicated network, with delivery on demand, and payment based on usage. Cloud Services range from full applications and development platforms, to servers, storage, and virtual desktops. Six common reasons organizations are turning to cloud services:


Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software and setting up and running onsite data centers—the racks of servers, the round-the-clock electricity for power and cooling, and IT experts for managing the infrastructure. It adds up fast.


Most cloud computing services are provided self-service and on demand, so even vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes, typically with just a few mouse clicks, giving businesses a lot of flexibility and taking the pressure off capacity planning.


Many cloud providers offer a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls to strengthen security overall, helping protect your data, apps, and infrastructure from potential threats.

The 2 most popular Cloud Services are Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s Cloud Platform.


The biggest cloud computing services run on a worldwide network of secure data centers, which are regularly upgraded to the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware. This offers several benefits over your computer room environment, including reduced network latency for applications and greater economies of scale.


On-site computer rooms typically require a lot of upkeep and maintenance – hardware setup, software patching, and other time-consuming IT management. Cloud computing removes the need for many of these tasks, so your business can achieve more important business goals.


The benefits of cloud computing services include the ability to scale elastically. This means delivering the right amount of IT resources—for example, computing power, storage, bandwidth—right when it’s needed.

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