A New Website Can be a Fun Experience.

Some people see websites as a small part of their business, while others find websites intimidating due to technical terms. API Technology specializes in making website creation and improvement easy.

API Technology specializes in developing mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly websites tailored to boost your business or nonprofit organization. Whether you’re seeking a minimalist or intricate design, a single-page site, or a complex multi-page platform, our team is dedicated to crafting a cost-effective solution that aligns with your unique brand identity, communication goals, and strategic objectives.

In addition to constructing your website, we offer assistance in acquiring your unique domain name and securing suitable web hosting services. We will not only simplify the relationship between your website, domain name, and hosting but also guide you through every step of realizing your website vision.

We specialize in crafting custom websites tailored to your needs. When you partner with us, rest assured that the ownership of your website is unequivocally yours. Your project isn’t just limited to a beautifully designed site; it includes a comprehensive Website Owner’s Kit. This kit includes a thumb drive containing all your website components – files, images, and content. Also included are the vital credentials you need to access and manage every associated online account seamlessly.

At A Partner In Technology, most of the sites we develop are in either WordPress or Squarespace. Both platforms allow you to edit website content and add photos, photo galleries, videos, contact forms, calendars, etc., all without seeing any code. User permissions are also a feature of both platforms that allow you to grant employees access to create, edit, and publish website content but not change how the website looks.

What is the Difference?


WordPress excels in design elements and features, like image flip boxes and sortable galleries, helping convey your message effectively. With numerous plugin options, finding one that fits your design or content feature is likely. WordPress powers over 40% of global websites, underscoring its popularity. Site upkeep requires backups and regular plugin updates, tasks we can help you with or schedule a remote training time so you can learn how to keep your site safe and secure.

Sample WordPress Sites

Link to KSW FCU Credit Union website.
Link to Consumer Council System of Maine website built and maintained by API Technology.
Link to Maine Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons website.
Link to Red Door Title website.
Link to  Sheridan Construction website.
Link to the Wolfington Group's website.


Squarespace, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if ease of maintenance is a priority. It is also a good platform for a simple e-commerce store or blog. While not as customizable, there are numerous website layouts to choose from, easy-to-use photo galleries, contact forms, and some design features. Squarespace also has online chat support and well-written help articles. This is a great choice for your first online store, lake associations, churches, or businesses that need an attractive website without monthly backups and plugin updates.

Sample Squarespace Sites

Link to 42 Cole Cottage website.
Link to Bishop's Country Inn & Motel website.
Link to Hookmore Leaders website.
Link to Tacoma Lakes Association website.
Link to Winthrop Utilities District website.
Link to Wonder Awhile Nursery School website.

Traditional Websites & Other platforms

Our API team also plays a crucial role in managing websites created on various platforms such as Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy Website Builder, and Club Express. The advancements witnessed in website platforms over recent years have prompted us to shift away from constructing websites using traditional HTML/CSS code. This transition allows for easier website owners’ access to code-free content editing, should the need arise. Alongside maintaining numerous HTML sites, we also have an HTML site portfolio.

Link to  E.L. Vining, Inc. website.
Link to Phelps Architects, Inc. website.
Link to Pinnacle Tree website.

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