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Domain Slamming

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there, and many try to impact your website or influence how you advertise online. We received a lot of emails, calls, and texts about domain solicitation/scareware/slamming letters recently so we thought it would be helpful to let you know what to watch out for. What is Domain Slamming? Domain Slamming is when a company that has no connection to the domain owner (registrant): Sends a misleading Domain Name Expiration Notice encouraging the domain owner to transfer the domain The notice tries to scare domain owners that their websites will expire if the … Read more

How to Create a Link in a Page or Post

New to WordPress? Creating a link is an early skill you can learn. We are assuming you are using the newer version of WordPress and all our images showing you the steps will be based on the newer version. If you are using the Classic Editor, the steps are similar, it will just look a bit different than the photos below. In our previous blog posts, Adding a PDF to Your Page or Post – Version 1 and Adding a PDF to your Page or Post – Version 2, we give instructions on how to upload a PDF and link … Read more

Adding a PDF to Your Page or Post – Version 2

Here are the steps to add a PDF starting from the WordPress Dashboard:

Step 1. From the WordPress Dashboard, click on Media in the left sidebar. A menu will pop up. Click the Add New link.

Image showing the Add New link to add a new item to the Media Library.

This will bring you to the Upload New Media page.

Step 2. Click the Select Files button.

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Adding a PDF to Your Page or Post – Version 1

While it may seem like a lot of steps, adding a PDF to Your Page or Post can be pretty painless.  The process is similar to adding a photo and will get easier after each time you successfully upload a PDF.  Here are the steps to add a PDF starting in your page or post:

Adding a PDF to Your Page or Post

Step 1. Navigate to an existing Post or Page or create a new Page or create a new Post.

Step 2. Click into your Page or Post where you want your PDF link to go.

Click the plus sign to add media to a page or post.

Step 3. Click on the Plus sign button at the top left of the editing screen. This will open a small window of Content Blocks. At the top of the Content Block window is the option to search for a block. If you don’t see File in the first 9 block options, type the word file in the search field. Click on the File icon to navigate to the PDF you want to add to your page or post.

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Media Library

The Media Library allows you to edit, view, and delete media you uploaded to your website or blog.  The Media Library provides you with two ways to view your library, the Grid and List Views.  You can toggle between the Grid and List Views by clicking on the icons under the Media Library title. The icon in blue shows you which view you are using.

Image of the Media Library showing grid and list views.

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