Website Maintenance

Your website is your online business card, available to the world 24/7. You maintain your business, your home, your health, and your car or truck so they look good and keep working for you. Keeping your website up-to-date is just as important. It gives you the opportunity to showcase the new product, service, testimonial, certification or even a new employee. A current website lets customers know you know how to communicate and your business is well organized.

A current website also:

Keeps visitors interested and educated

Fresh material added regularly encourages visitors to come back to see what’s new. New content, video, graphics or images featuring the good work you’re doing can attract repeat visits to your website and your business. If you have something new to offer, feature it on your website to inform visitors. Remove outdated information to improve your visitor’s online experience and demonstrate you are an active organization.

Helps with your search engine rankings

Search engines encourage you, as a website owner, to provide content-rich, relevant information about your products and/or services featured on your website. Current, up-to-date, information, rich content, photos, and videos can help your website’s search engine ranking and your customer’s experience.

Helps ensure your website is working well

When your web site is well maintained, external links continue to work, images load and emails function. This ensures visitors can find information about your business quickly and easily. It’s also another way to let customers know you care to interact with them, even during non-business hours.

Website maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive or take a long time

The turn around time for general website maintenance with API Technology is generally 2-3 business days. More extensive projects can take longer and time estimates will be provided. Time is billed to the 1/4 of the hour to keep costs lower for you.