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API Technology specializes in building mobile ready and search engine friendly websites that help you build your business or non-profit. Whether you need a simple or sophisticated design, one page or one hundred or more pages, we can help you create an affordable website that is customized to effectively deliver your brand, message, and vision.

In addition to building your website, we help you obtain your domain name and web hosting. Not only will we, in layman terms, explain the connection between your website, domain name and website hosting. we will work with you through the complete process of bringing your website vision to life.

We build your website but you own it. Every new website comes with a Website Owner’s Kit, a CD of your website files, photos, content, user names and passwords to all related website accounts.

A new website can be a fun experience.

For some people, a website is just part of doing business. For others, it can be an overwhelming process, filled with unfamiliar terminology. API Technology specializes in making the new website or website upgrade experience manageable and easy to understand. If it is needed, we will also work with you to develop your content.

WordPress Websites

WordPress websites are a great tool if you are interested in blogging or updating your website content without seeing any code. WordPress offers lots of features including the ability to edit and create new pages, blog on different topics and add photos and video to your site.

Sample WordPress Portfolio

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Traditional Websites

Sample Traditional Website Portfolio

Our traditional websites, built-in HTML are also mobile-ready and search engine friendly. These websites are a great solution if you do not plan on blogging, want a brochure-style website and do not expect to update your website content often.

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